A better experience for transactional email on SES
Drastically improve how you design, manage, test and send your transactional emails on Amazon SES.
Template first approach

Create templates for each type of email you want to send out, and manage them all in one place. It's better than storing your email templates with your app's source code.

Better craft your emails

Build your emails directly within our editor. Use variables, template inheritence and filters to design your email.

Preview your changes

See how your emails will look using test data, and confirm your changes look good. It's a faster workflow than emailing your inbox everytime you want to test a change.

Version control your work

Keep track of every change, and only make edits live once you're ready to.

Keep track of every email you send

The outbox will show every email that's been sent. No need to 'cc youself into outbound messages.

Get stats on your outbound email

Get detailed analytics on how many emails you send, bounces, clicks, and opens.

Test and production mode

Develop and test your email integration without having to send out emails to an actual email account. Once you're ready to go live, switch over to your production keys, and your emails will be delivered.