Connect to SES

Time to read: 2 mins.


You need to have an account with Amazon Web Services to use MessageRay. It is free to setup an account. The first 62K emails sent through AWS are free, and thereafter the rate is $0.10/1000 emails sent.

Our app uses AWS's robust infrastructure to deliver your messages at low cost and with great deliveribility.

Please create an account with AWS, then come here to get instructios on how to connect your MessageRay account with your AWS account.

To connect with AWS, and start sending emails there are 3 things that'll you'll need to do first

  1. Create a new "messageray" user with AWS
  2. Give the messageray user permissions to send emails for you
  3. Add the newly created user's credentials to your account

1. Create a new AWS user

The first part of the setup process is to create a new messageray user on your AWS account to enable us to access your account.

  1. Within your AWS management console, head over to the Add user section
  2. Give this new user the name "messageray", and tick the Programmatic access checkbox.
  3. Click the blue Next: Permissions button at the bottom of the page.

2. Create AWS user and connect your account

Create user
  1. You should see three buttons at the top labelled: Add user to group, Copy permissions from existing user, and Attach existing policies directly. Click on Attach existing policies directly
  2. Search the table for the AmazonSESFullAccess permission, and tick the checkbox on the left of it. The description of this permission will be "Provides full access to Amazon SES via the AWS Management Console."
  3. Click the blue Next: Tags button at the bottom
  4. Then click on the blue Next: Review button at the bottom
  5. Click on the Create User button at the bottom of the page.
  6. On this page you should see the Access Key ID and Secret access key.
Create user
  1. Copy and paste both the Access Key ID and Secret access key into the MessageRay "Connect To SES" form.
  2. On the form choose the region that you're using for SES - this is typically the region where you've verified the domain, or email address you're sending from.
  3. You're done!